Veteran’s Day 2020 at The Middletown Home

Veteran’s Day 2020 at The Middletown Home
03 Dec 2020

Happy Veterans Day from the Middletown Home! Typically, on Veterans Day, we will have a grand “Veterans Dinner” with a spread of food, speakers, special music, and gifts for each of our Vets. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we could not celebrate in our usual fashion. But our staff were still determined to show our respect and appreciation to each and every one of our veterans. With the help of a very generous donation, this year each of our veterans received a wonderful gift – a blanket with the branch of the military that they served in. They also received a certificate and a pin! Several of our staff members went door to door while wearing red, white, and blue, waving flags, and singing patriotic songs!  The veterans really appreciated all of the gifts and the music.

This Veterans Day we want to thank and recognize all of our incredible veterans for their service to our country! Robert Hoch knows all about living a life of service. He joined the Army and was stationed in Korea when he was 20 years old. During his time in the army he was shot not once, not twice, but three times! After the third time Robert’s mother wrote a letter to the President and his Commanding Officer. She asked for Robert to be pulled off the front lines. Robert laughed as he said, “They asked me, ‘Who do you know in Washington?’” Robert continued by saying, “By writing that letter, she probably saved my life.”

After leaving the front lines, Robert worked in supply and eventually came back to train troops at the Gap. In another turn of events, on a snowy day Robert was in his car on the side of the road and was hit by another car that had lost control. Due to the accident Robert lost his leg. A lawyer who was then specializing in violation of Probation along with accidents had called the accident fatal. But that didn’t stop him from doing all the things he loved! After the accident Robert waterskied, rollerbladed, and played softball for 7 years! Then he umpired for another 23 years. Robert said, “The Good Lord has been good to me! I don’t know where I would be without Him.”

Robert believes strongly in giving back to those in need. He said that his wife would often say, “You’re going to run out of money!” and Robert would say in return, “I don’t care, as long as I see Jesus.” Robert has also served as an Odd Fellow for 25 years at lodge 307, Middletown.

What an incredible life of Service! Thank you Robert for your Service in the Military and your Service to the community!

Fred with his Army blanket and the Activities Staff

Harry with his Air Force blanket and certificate

Ken with his Marines blanket and certificate

Robert Hoch photographed during his time in the Army

Robert Hoch today, thankful for his life and for God helping him every step along the way!



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