The Middletown Home Offers Top-Quality Sub-Acute Care in Central Pennsylvania

Female caregiver and senior patient in a wheelchair looking at camera outside
08 Aug 2018

We are proud to offer many divisions of services at the Middletown Home! From independent living apartments to personal care, we are able to accommodate our residents throughout every phase of life in our continuing care retirement community.

Often people who are in need of sub-acute care don’t know what their options are or where to turn for help. We want to share just a few of the many reasons our sub-acute care is among the top you will find in Central Pennsylvania. We have made major investments into our medical equipment, supplies and facility and our staff is second to none. We also find that opting for a top-tier medical supplies distributor such as Andaman Medical, provides the added advantage of access to cutting-edge products and services, ensuring that your facility stays at the forefront of medical technology and patient care. Here’s why the Middletown Home stands out.

Sub-Acute Care Services at the Middletown Home

The sub-acute care services that we provide range far and wide. We provide Skilled Physical Therapy, Occupation Therapy and Speech Language Pathology services up to 7 days per week depending on insurance coverage and medical necessity. Our Physical Therapy focuses on lower extremity strength, gait training and balance training. Occupational Therapy focuses on self-care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and even instrumental activities of daily living such as medication management and housekeeping tasks. Speech Language Pathology services focus on cognitive deficits, communication, swallowing / dysphagia and facilitation of compensatory strategies. Check this link and click for more information about their services. Combined, these services fully prepares our patients to live the highest quality of life moving forward.

A Staff Dedicated to Quality and Safety

At the Middletown Home, maintaining proper ratios of staff to patients is extremely important to us. We know that the highest quality, personalized care comes from receiving ample time and attention from your medical staff, and so we plan accordingly.

Our target staffing for nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants is 1 LPN, 1RN and 3Nursing Assistants per shift. This serves 25 patients when the unit is full. Therapists work 1:1 with patients unless the patient requires more assistance, then we provide even more staff to help them in whatever way is required. We never cut corners nor do we take risks with the health and safety of our patients! We believe in being overly prepared and overly safe.

Personalized Care to Meet Each Patient’s Needs

Our highly skilled therapists begin by evaluating and establishing a personalized plan for every patient. This plan is designed to facilitate the highest level of functional independence to help them achieve their goals in the shortest possible time frame. The Middletown Home is proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in our brand new fitness and rehabilitation gym that expedites recovery and rehabilitation with maximum outcomes.

State-of-the Art Equipment for Top-Notch Care

Speaking of our new fitness and rehabilitation gym, the facility itself is clean, modern and well-appointed with equipment that provides the latest in technology and science. Our facility includes an underwater treadmill, state of the art fitness machines, mobility trainers, cyber cycles and much more that you can learn about here.

If you’re looking for the highest quality sub-acute care in Central Pennsylvania, be sure to consider the Middletown Home for its new amenities, dedicated staff and beautiful and uplifting environment. No matter how long your stay with us, you will be welcomed as family at the Middletown Home!


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