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Senior woman standing outside front door of house


Aug 2017

How to Create a Safe Living Environment for Seniors

Living alone at any age can bring concerns of safety and security. Especially for a senior, living alone can bring the joy of independence or the fear of accident and injury leaving them unable to call for help. If you have an aging loved one living alone, whether in their own home or in an independent living community, there are many steps you can take...

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Senior couple on walk in countryside


Jul 2017

Tips to Help Seniors Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

While the summer months can be a beautiful time to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine, it can also be a dangerous time for our seniors. Overheating and dehydration are very real threats to our health, especially to our aging loved ones who may not have the help or resources to prevent them. In an effort to keep everyone safe this summer, take a look...

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Latin senior lady having fun,enjoying,laying down and having her picture taken in her first snow of her life at age 74


Jan 2017

6 Tips for Improving Senior Safety in Winter

6 Tips for Improving Senior Safety in Winter The winter months bring the added challenge of cold weather, snow and ice. Especially for seniors, this can pose a dangerous threat to their health and well-being if proper precautions are not taken. If you or someone you know if at a higher risk for falls or ill-health during the winter months, take a look at these...

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Group Of Senior Couples Enjoying Meal Together In Care Home With Teenage Helper


Sep 2016

5 Reasons Your Loved One May Benefit from a Retirement Community

We all want the best for our loved ones and this includes seeing them enjoy the greatest quality of life, no matter their age. It can be a difficult decision to encourage a friend or family member to leave their home and move into a retirement community, especially if they feel strongly about staying where they are. If they decided to stay in their home,...

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