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36042159 - female trainer helping senior woman in a gym exercising with a bosu balance training platform. elder woman being assisted by gym instructor while workout session.


Oct 2018

Find Your Fulfilling Career at the Middletown Home

Are you passionate about helping others? Do you love building deep and meaningful relationships with those around you? Do you have a heart for service? If so, your calling might just be a career the Middletown Home! Why? Take a look at just a sampling of the many benefits we have to offer. You’re Treated Like Family At the Middletown Home, we are known for...

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Staff Stories: Misty Riggs Shares Highlights About Working at the Middletown Home


Oct 2016

Staff Stories: Misty Riggs Shares Highlights About Working at the Middletown Home

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Certified Nursing Assistant in a skilled nursing center? The simple answer is – a lot of heart! But we wanted to go one step further to give you insight into just how passionate our staff is about serving the members of our retirement community. We talked with Misty Riggs, a Certified Nursing Assistant who will celebrate...

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Group Of Senior Couples Enjoying Meal Together In Care Home With Teenage Helper


Sep 2016

5 Reasons Your Loved One May Benefit from a Retirement Community

We all want the best for our loved ones and this includes seeing them enjoy the greatest quality of life, no matter their age. It can be a difficult decision to encourage a friend or family member to leave their home and move into a retirement community, especially if they feel strongly about staying where they are. If they decided to stay in their home,...

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