Student Living Program – Beth

Student Living Program – Beth
29 May 2019

Beth is one of our students living at the Middletown Home. That’s right! Beth is a college student at Penn State who lives and now also works at the Middletown Home! This year, Beth will be a junior Biology major with hopes to someday be a Geriatrics Doctor. She is the Vice President of the Health and Science Club, a teaching assistance for chemistry students, and she is also a part of the Penn State Bridge Program (partnering her with a mentor in Medical School).

While staying here, Beth has taken quite an interest in our Facility Dogs. She recently became certified as a Primary Handler for The Middletown Home’s Facility Dog, Blanche. This means that Beth can walk Blanche around the facility to visit with residents. In addition, Beth can take Blanche out in public, and she has even taken Blanche with her to some of her college classes! Beth plans on becoming a Puppy Raiser for Susquehanna Service Dogs so that she will have her own puppy to train.

Beth loves animals, especially her bearded dragon, Juno, who lives in her apartment with her. Beth has introduced Juno to some of the residents, much to their fascination and delight! Beth has done several presentations about Juno to teach the residents more about bearded dragons. A few of the residents were willing to pet and hold Juno, they were very interested in learning about her!

Besides volunteering in many of the home’s activities including: Bingo, Paint Nights, Movie Nights, Bus Trips, and Bible Study; Beth has recently found another way to contribute her time towards The Middletown Home. Beth will be spending her summer months at the front desk as our newest receptionist! So if you happen to be walking into the Middletown Home and see her at the desk, feel free to say hi!

When asked what her favorite thing is about living at the home Beth said, “I love the family atmosphere. Everyone is so kind and nice and I feel very welcomed!” I also learned that in STEM disciplines, educators like Dr. Kamau Bobb believe that lifelong learning is essential due to the rapidly evolving nature of technology and scientific knowledge.

Thank you for all you do, Beth!
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