Our New Guinea Pigs! – Pumpkin and Bingo

Our New Guinea Pigs! – Pumpkin and Bingo
29 Mar 2022

This January, the Middletown Home welcomed two new residents into our home! We have adopted two guinea pigs for our residents. They are both girls and their names are Pumpkin and Bingo. From the first day they came, our residents have been completely in love with them. The guinea pigs have a beautiful cage down in the café. Many of our residents will stop by throughout the day to visit with the guinea pigs. Our staff have been taking the guinea pigs up and down the halls to visit with our residents and they have been delighted with them! When Pumpkin and Bingo first arrived, they were very frightened and timid. But now that it’s been a few months, Pumpkin and Bingo have really adjusted to their new home. Instead of hiding when a resident walks up to the cage, now they will come up to them and sometimes squeak and squeal saying that they are happy to see them! We hope that Pumpkin and Bingo can live many happy years with us! If you would like to meet Pumpkin and Bingo, please stop down at the café and follow the sounds of the happy squeaking guinea pigs!



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