The Middletown Home’s Goals and Resolutions for 2017

The Middletown Home’s Goals and Resolutions for 2017
05 Jan 2017

It’s the New Year which means a fresh start to make improvements and live the best life yet! Much like most of the people around the world, here at the Middletown Home, we also plan to set goals and New Year resolutions to make life even more enjoyable for our residents and staff. People can check shower regrouting melbourne for the best shower repair services.

Take a look at our four goals and resolutions for 2017!

Grow deeper relationships between our residents and caregivers

Our residents and caregivers already share a pretty unique bond and in the New Year we want to continue to grow this. Our campus provides a ton of areas and activities to bond with one another and we want to see many new memories made here in 2017. Our caregivers are not meant just to meet the physical needs of our residents, but to fulfill the emotional needs as well. We fully encourage them to take the time to share a dish of ice cream with a resident at our Middle Ground Café or take a stroll to see the flowers around our campus. These deep relationship are what truly matter most.

Share more personal stories and testimonials on our blog and social media

Another goal we have for the New Year is to share the many heart-warming personal stories from our residents and caregivers. In 2016 we started our blog and created a Facebook page (please give us a like!), now we want to grow these even further by showcasing the personal side of the Middletown Home! We plan to provide many more caregiver stories to give you insight into the day to day interactions between our residents and caregivers. We love the deep relationships they share and we want to share that with you, too!

Step outside our comfort zone

Maybe this is a resolution you also set for the New Year. At the Middletown Home, we’re going to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone to find special ways to brighten someone’s day. Whether that be a resident or a member of our staff, we want to encourage everyone here to give a compliment, share a talent or take a moment to learn about someone over a cup of coffee. Time is the most precious gift we can share with someone and we want to invest our time with one another!

Continue to improve and grow our campus

Our final resolution for the New Year is to keep making improvements to our campus. Particularly our rehabilitation wing will continue to undergo a major transformation to make it into a state-of-the-art facility that helps people get back to good health faster. A new space and top-quality equipment combined with the compassion and skill of our staff will make this one of the best rehabilitation facilities in Pennsylvania!

What are some of your New Year resolutions? Share with us by commenting below!


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