Looking Forward

Looking Forward
15 Jun 2020

All around the world things have looked a little different over the past few months, and the Middletown Home is no exception. While it might look a little different, the love and care remains the same. We are doing all we can to keep our residents and staff safe and well cared for during this difficult time. We also have to get creative when it comes to providing our residents with activities and entertainment. Unfortunately, since our residents can’t gather for activities right now, we have been bringing activities to them! Around the building, we have baskets filled with fun games and puzzles and other goodies for our staff to surprise the residents with! There has also been special food deliveries like donuts and shrimp cocktails provided by our chef Russell. Our staff has also been having special “Fun Day” Tuesdays where we dress up according to a different theme! Pictured here is “Mismatch Day” and “Crazy Hair Day!”

We know how important it is to keep smiling and offer encouragement and support to each other and to our residents. We know that this time won’t last forever, and we look forward to the days ahead!


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