Husking Corn and Having Fun!

Husking Corn and Having Fun!
09 Aug 2019

Work is fun for our residents here at The Middletown Home! For the next several weeks, we will be cleaning corn to get ready to make our famous Pumpkin Fest Chicken Corn Soup. The residents are happy to jump in and help with lots of different tasks which benefit the home, especially when it involves cooking or baking. Our famous Pumpkin Fest Chicken Corn Soup is always a huge selling point at Pumpkin Fest each year. Last year we sold over 150 gallons of soup! People are already asking us if we will have it at Pumpkin Fest again this year. The residents are hard at work making sure that we will have plenty of soup to go around! And we will soon start to make our famous homemade pickles. We will see you this year at Pumpkin Fest: make sure you try the soup and the pickles courtesy of our hard-working residents. It’s fun to lend a helping hand!



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