4 Things That Make the Middletown Home’s Campus Uplifting

Female caregiver and senior patient in a wheelchair looking at camera outside
02 Jun 2017

The staff at the Middletown Home makes every effort to create a positive and uplifting environment for everyone who walks through our doors – this includes our residents, caregivers, staff and visitors. We want the Middletown Home to feel like home and here is what we do to achieve that.

We proactively seek ways to compliment and encourage one another.

Compliments and encouragement are not an afterthought here, we make it the first thing we try to do. We love telling people what a good job they are doing and we enjoy complimenting a resident’s sunny perspective or contagious smile. When you make this the culture, everyone starts doing it too! At the Middletown Home, we want everyone ending their day feeling like they connected with someone else and made a difference.

We see everything as a teaching moment.

As with anything in life, there will be high and low moments, happy days and hard days. Even when everything may not seem sunny and bright, we take these days and try to see them as teaching moments. What can we learn? What have we gained? Reframing a challenge like this turns anything into a blessing.

We celebrate accomplishments and milestones as a family.

No resident or member of our staff should ever feel alone here at the Middletown Home. We celebrate birthdays, rehabilitation milestones, anniversaries, hard work and sometimes we celebrate just to celebrate! When you enjoy where you work and live, that’s reason enough to see every day as a party.

We engage everyone!

Our caregivers know their residents by name – and by so much else like their family, hobbies, dislikes, humor and more. This only comes from forging unique and meaningful conversations over time. When a resident is a happy, we are happy too. When they are sad, we share in their sadness and try to find something to brighten their day, even if it’s only a small gesture. Whether you have been with us for a month or a decade, you are instantly part of the family!

Would you consider your home environment to be positive and uplifting? Share what you’re doing, or could do, to make it this way!


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