Give With Ease

Glen and Gloria are residents of

The Middletown Home, happily

married for 66 years.

They are active, contributing members of The Middletown Home’s close-knit community. They’ve made friendships and created treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Because of donations like yours,
residents like Glen and Gloria at
The Middletown Home can continue
to love life while being cared for both
physically and emotionally.


Supports our pet therapy program.


Provides a campus wide cultural entertainment program.


Offers tuition assistance for residents furthering their education at Penn State.


Helps a resident remain in personal care when their financial resources are exhausted.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3), The Middletown Home is dependent upon your generosity to further our charitable mission to the community providing care and services for our dear residents who have exhausted their financial resources.

The Middletown Home

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