Fun Family Activities that Span the Generations

Fun Family Activities that Span the Generations
05 Jul 2018

When the whole family gets together, it can be hard to fins activities that everyone enjoys doing. Especially when members of your family span different generations, it can be an even greater challenge to come across activities that are age and skill appropriate for everyone. Take a look at a few ideas for fun family activities that just might fit the bill!

Board Games – It’s a classic for a reason! Board games are a great way for family members of all ages to sit down together and enjoy some friendly competition. Best of all you’ll be able to see the older generations teach the younger generations how to play. Board games are a great way to get away from electronics from a while and to really engage with one another. A lot of great stories come out over board games!

Nature Walk – Take a slow stroll outside and see who can find the most interesting treasure in nature. Different family members will have different viewpoints and be able to show each other things they might have otherwise missed. This fun activity will give you time outside a purpose which will help to keep little ones entertained.

Crafting – Crafting is the perfect activity for the whole family. Pick something that will appeal to the various skill levels and interests. Best of all, pick a craft that you can exchange with another member of your family, or give to a friend to make it that much more memorable.

Write Your Own Book – Sure, reading a book can be fun, but what about writing your own story together? Work as a family to write and illustrate your own book. Pick a completely fictional topic or tell your family’s story. The pictures will bring it all to life and surely create a treasured piece you’ll hold onto for future generations to read.

Scavenger Hunt – If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, turn wherever you are into a fun adventure by making a scavenger hunt. Get creative! Think of some obscure things to find and challenge each other to collect everything on their list first. For older family members who don’t get around easily, you can work in teams or keep your list of items to things located nearby. Every round can be different!

Do you have another idea for a fun family activity that is good for all age ranges? Share by leaving a comment below.


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