Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Easter Egg Hunt 2022
29 Apr 2022

This Easter was very exciting here at the Middletown Home. Since Covid, we have not been able to have a Community Easter Egg Hunt. We were amazed at the wonderful turn out this year since it had been so long since we last hosted an egg hunt! Other years we would have at most 20-25 kids come to participate. This year, we were shocked to see at least 150 people (kids and adults) come to enjoy our Easter activities! We were thankful that we had lots of eggs prepared so that all the kids could find a few eggs hidden around the Terrace and the Chapel. The kids were very enthusiastic about finding the special “Golden Egg.” If you found the Golden Egg you got a special Easter Basket for a prize! One little boy found the Golden Egg hidden in a bush — he was very proud! The Easter Bunny made an appearance and got pictures with the kids and with our residents. The Root Beer Floats were very popular! The line went from the Chapel, down the steps, and out the door! Some of the kids even got to meet our little guinea pigs in the café, Pumpkin and Bingo. It was a great Easter Egg Hunt and we are hoping this is an indicator that we will continue to have great turn outs for other events this summer.



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