7 Summer Activities We Offer Our Residents

7 Summer Activities We Offer Our Residents
15 Jun 2017

Summer is a beautiful season to step outside, get some fresh air and stay active, both mentally and physically. At the Middletown Home we take special care to offer our residents a wide variety of summer activities to suit their interests and skill levels. We add some unique activities to our event calendar each month that we want to share a little bit more about.

Also, be sure to click here to view our full event calendar of upcoming activities we have going on all the time at the Middletown Home!



Our campus is surrounded by beautiful gardens and landscaping. If you have a green thumb, you are welcome to take part in maintaining some garden space and creating a small piece of heaven right where you live. Many of our residents find that they form new relationships through exploring a hobby like gardening.

Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

If gardening is not your cup of tea, you can still enjoy the beauty of our outdoor spaces – with a cup of tea! Whether you like to socialize in small groups, enjoy peace and quiet to yourself, warm up in the sun or stay cool in the shade, we have every type of space from which you can choose.

Music and Games

Our monthly event calendar includes a wide variety of musical activities including “Piano with Paige,” “Music with Carol,” singalongs, and karaoke. We also facilitate some of the always-favorite games like BINGO, hangman and Outburst that our residents love to take part in, especially on rainy days in the summer.

Reading Groups

Our reading groups are a wonderful way to stay mentally sharp while building friendships. An ever-changing variety of books are selected and residents are encouraged to discuss and compare their thoughts on the books with one another.

Summer Treats

What is summer without some treats? We host ice cream sundae and root beer float socials for all of our residents, and believe us when we say it’s quite the attraction! Such activities gives our residents and caregivers special time to interact, reminisce and laugh.

Movie Series

Throughout each month we have special viewings of movies tailored to our residents’ likes and feedback. We find this activity to be especially helpful for our residents’ memory function and overall enjoyment. When a summer day is rainy or too hot, a cool and calm movie indoors is just what’s needed!

Fun Physical Activity – for all abilities

Finally and most importantly, we encourage our residents to stay active and move as much as they are able! This could be chair exercises, walks around the gardens or stretching. Additionally, our “Let’s Get Healthy” series empowers our residents with tools to improve their overall health at any age with education and encouragement.

Do you have a loved one considering moving to a retirement community? What activity do you think they would most enjoy? Leave us a comment below!


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