Central PA’s Summer Activities that are Perfect for Senior Adults

Central PA’s Summer Activities that are Perfect for Senior Adults
12 Jun 2018

At the Middletown Home, we are proud to provide our residents with a full calendar of activities each and every month that are tailored to all different skill levels as well as interests. Particularly in the summer months, we feel that our campus really comes alive with activity as people spend more time outside and look for evening activities to enjoy the lovely weather.

Take a look at just a few ideas we recommend for our seniors who want to make memories and have fun this summer!


Swimming is wonderful for senior adults because it truly is an activity that you could enjoy throughout every stage of your life. Even if you are just a beginner or have mobility issues, there are pool activities that can help strengthen your muscles and soothe your joints. We recommend checking with local community gyms that often offer discounted memberships for seniors. Depending upon your location and circumstance, free transportation may also be available.

However, as a better solution for mobility issues, staircases with turns, curves or half landings, can be more challenging than a straight staircase if you’re experiencing problems with mobility and climbing. If your stairs have corners or bends, curved stairlifts ensure you reach the different levels of your home with confidence and in comfort. You may also consider investing in a chair lift machine and having a chair lift installation for maximum comfortability.


Fireworks are the essential summer activity! The memory of a warm evening with friends, watching bright and beautiful fireworks overhead is something that takes us back to childhood. The best part is that many locations across Central PA offer free firework shows throughout the summer, especially near the Fourth of July holiday. This year, Sunset Park in Middletown will hold its fireworks on Saturday, June 30 starting at sunset. We love this local firework show and offer transportation for many of our residents so they can get out and enjoy the evening with the community!


It may seem like a simple activity, but it’s very rewarding! Gardening allows seniors to partake in a relaxing and therapeutic activity that clears and calms the mind. The best part is that the end result is a beautiful garden bed that can be enjoyed by everyone who passes it for months to come. For an even better experience, plan a group gardening activity where people can share in conversation and create friendships as they plant and prune.

Outdoor Music

Central PA is a hub of outdoor music activities throughout the summer! Local parks and restaurants with outdoor seating are prime places to look for live outdoor music. Often these shows are completely free to attend. This activity is ideal for senior adults because you can be seated for most of the evening. Best of all, music stimulates the mind and memory and is enjoyed by all ages, so make it a family activity!


Taking a slow stroll in the summer months is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Depending upon your physical ability, you may only be able to take a brief walk. Do what you can! You can also try to gradually gain endurance by adding a few extra steps to your daily walk. Make it a goal to make it to the next chair or park bench and then enjoy a rest while taking in the beauty of summer!

Garden Party or Picnic

Another idea for a summer activity that is ideal for senior adults is an outdoor garden party or picnic. It’s a wonderful reason to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Pick a location that is convenient for most people and divide up the responsibilities of bringing some snacks and refreshments. You don’t need to have much! The most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company and take in some fresh air. The Middletown Home is fortunate to have many beautiful locations spread across our campus where residents can enjoy time together outside!

What summer activity idea is your favorite? Or do you have another to share? Leave a comment below!


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