Middletown Home Builds State-of-the-Art Fitness and Rehabilitation Gym in Central Pennsylvania

Middletown Home Builds State-of-the-Art Fitness and Rehabilitation Gym in Central Pennsylvania
14 Aug 2017

Earlier this summer, we broke ground on our new fitness and rehab gym that will be completed near the end of 2018. We have spent a lot of time planning out the renovation of this new space and are very excited to share some of the details of what you can expect to experience with fitness and rehabilitation at the Middletown Home.

Convenient Location – For our residents and the surrounding community, our fitness and rehab gym will provide convenient, top-quality care. Residents will only have to travel a few feet to their rehabilitation and can continue to enjoy all the comforts of their home. For the community, this facility will provide another local option for fitness, rehabilitation and physical therapy. As we see it, you should have plenty of options available to you for quality care!

Efficient Use of Space – At just 1,000 square-feet, our fitness and rehab gym is small by design. We kept the focus on the quality of the equipment and the efficient use of space. Unlike a large facility, ours keeps things personal. Your one-on-one care will be highly personalized to your needs. And because we are only helping four to six people at any given time in this space, you are sure to get the attention you deserve.

Latest Technology and Equipment – The most advanced piece of equipment to go in our fitness and rehab gym is the AquaFit underwater treadmill system in saltwater. This machine allows patients to carefully control the amount of weight on their legs to gradually and safely recover strength in their lower body. The result is higher outcomes with workouts in half the time as land based workouts. Additionally, our space will be fully equipped with a bungee mobility trainer, CyberCycle, a recumbent stepper, weight training equipment, cardio machines, balance equipment and more!

Faster Recovery – The quality of our equipment combined with the expertise of our care ensures a faster road to recovery. Our new fitness and rehab gym has the latest tools and techniques to help our patients get back to good health faster than ever before.

Specializing in Short Term Therapy – Our fitness and rehab gym is especially equipped to assist with short term therapy, such as knee and hip replacements. While these types of procedures are becoming more and more common, we believe the quality of your care should be anything but standard. Our ability to specialize in orthopedics and wound care gives us a unique focus and ability to deliver exceptional care!

What aspect of our new fitness and rehab gym has you most excited? Share your thoughts or ask a question by leaving us a comment below.

A rendering of the new fitness and rehab gym at the Middletown Home, coming December 2017.


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