Celebrating Your Story – David

Celebrating Your Story – David
29 Sep 2021

Each of our residents at the Middletown Home have their own unique story. We love to celebrate what makes each of us different, and the connections that bring us all together! David Gilbert was featured in our Newsletter this month and he was so excited to share his story!

David grew up in Green Lane in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He went to Perkiomen Prep High School.

David joined the Air Force and served for 20 years. He traveled to Canada, Germany, Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Florida, Nebraska, and South Korea while in the service. He met his wife, Rosario, while he was stationed in Nebraska and they got married when he was 21 years old. David and Rosario were married for 43 years. They had four children together. They had two girls and two boys: David Jr, John, Betsy, and Roxanne. The entire family would travel with David during his time in the Air Force.

David described the longest drive he’s ever been on. David drove for 16 days! From Alaska, all the way through Canada, to Maine! It was over 6,900 miles. David drove his entire family in their van with their camper. He said it was neat to see the Rocky Mountains and some moose along the way. The longest airplane ride David went on was from Puerto Rico to Atlanta, to Seattle, to Japan, to Korea. He said it was too long!!

After David left the service, he moved to Pottstown where he started his own Janitorial Business called “Gilbert Enterprises.”

After his wife passed away, David moved to Middletown. He worked at the Manheim Auto Auction, and then he worked at Sharp Shopper.

In his spare time, David would enjoy fishing and camping. He was also a Boy Scout Leader for 14 years.

David says: “I lived a full life and have no regrets!”




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