A Hopeful Spring

A Hopeful Spring
27 Apr 2021

As we see the weather warming up and the flowers blooming once again, the folks at the Middletown Home are full of hope and anticipation for the summer to come! This has been a year like no other. During this difficult time we have leaned on one another and drawn closer as a Middletown Home family. Now that we are able to think about group activities, events, and trips again, we are all chomping at the bit have our residents enjoying things as they used to before COVID entered all of our lives. This month we were able to get a taste of normalcy as our residents went on some lovely Spring Scenic Drives! They were so excited to get out of the building and go for a ride around the communities that they know and love! This month we were also able to once again have Sunday Church Service in the chapel. It is wonderful to see our residents fellowshipping together on Sundays again. Next month we will continue to introduce activities and trips such as: Bowling League, Breakfast Club, Fishing Trips, and more! We are counting our blessings and not taking for granted what a joy it is to have activities, groups, and trips for our residents to look forward to! Keep up to date on all of our fun activities by following us on Facebook.











Nancy and Betty playing Scenic Drive Bingo!

Ronnie and Nan ready to go on a Scenic Drive

Nancy and Patti getting ready for a trip!

Sunday Church  Service in the Chapel


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