8 Ways Seniors Can Stay Involved in the Community

8 Ways Seniors Can Stay Involved in the Community
12 Mar 2018

8 Ways Seniors Can Stay Involved in the Community

Staying involved in the community is beneficial at any age. Especially for our seniors, having an active role in the community can add purpose and meaning while building new and lasting friendships. Best of all, community involvement builds stronger and healthier communities in which we all thrive! On the hand, if you need to take a lot of medications, you can find advice for choosing a pill organizer at The Ability Toolbox.

However, how can we encourage seniors to stay involved in the community? Here are some activities that are great for any age or ability.

  1. Plant flowers at a park.

Reach out to your local park and see if they have a volunteer program for maintaining its property. If not, start one! You and some friends can plant flowers, trim shrubs and clean up the park. Do whatever you are able! If you’re not physically able to do lawn work, you can still help by doing some crafts like painting pots for plants or rocks with color designs to decorate the park.

  1. Hand write thank you notes for charity.

Reach out to any local charity and they will likely tell you that they need help keeping up with all their thank you notes to donors! It’s far more meaningful to get a handwritten note, but it also takes more time. Volunteer to tackle their donor list with thank you notes. You will know you are making a difference!

  1. Read to children at the library.

Contact your local library to ask if they have children’s programs. They just might be in need of someone to lead one of these programs, or volunteer every so often to read books and assist with crafts. It’s a joy to be around children and watch them learn.

  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.

Volunteer a day or so per week at your local soup kitchen, animal shelter or homeless shelter. These organizations have ongoing needs that must be met in order for them to serve the community. Your helping hands will be much appreciated and will definitely benefit others.

  1. Make blankets or hats for newborn babies.

If you have a knack for knitting or sewing, consider using these talents to make blankets or hats for newborn babies. Many hospitals have programs for underserved mothers and babies to help provide them with the essentials. Your hats and blankets will add the extra special touch of being homemade!

  1. Contribute to a bake sale or soup sale.

Contribute to a bake sale, or host your own! Choose a cause you care about and use the proceeds to benefit this cause. You will have fun baking, and sampling your treats with friends and family. And best of all, you will be helping the community while you do it!

  1. Volunteer at a church.

Another area where volunteers are always needed is at local churches. Whatever you skill level or interest, they will be able to guide you to an activity that is enjoyable and fulfilling for you. Cleaning, decorating, data entry, preparing the weekly programs and more will greatly help the church serve more people in the community!

8. Volunteering within a CCRC to help residents. 

Your Continuing Care Retirement Community (CRCC) provides a lot of enjoyable volunteer opportunities from which you may choose. A few examples include serving on any of the various committees (Resident Council, Entertainment, Gardening), assisting at the front desk, teaching, classes, helping other residents or escorting residents to doctors’ visits. Best of all, by volunteering within your own CRCC, you will make the community a better place for everyone who lives there – including you!

Are you or someone you know an active senior? How do you/they say involved in the community? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!


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