7 Reasons Our Caregivers Love Working at the Middletown Home

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06 Feb 2017

7 Reasons Our Caregivers Love Working at the Middletown Home

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! This is why we wanted to focus on some of the many reasons our caregivers love working at the Middletown Home. We are so fortunate to have a group of caregivers and residents who really form some special relationships. Learn about the 7 reasons why our caregivers love coming to work at the Middletown Home!

  1. Seeing residents make real progress

Sometimes our residents come to us after an injury or with an illness that leaves them weak. We love working with them to gradually regain strength and independence and we highly encourage them to approach the fall injury accident lawyers in case of severe injuries. Even something as small as being able to brush their own teeth again gives them a sense of pride that reignites their spirit.

  1. Learning from so many life experiences

We have the unique benefit of being about such a wealth of life experiences and knowledge. Our residents blow us away by some of the things they know and have done in their lives. We love hearing their stories and sharing some of our own.

  1. Giving someone the best possible quality of life

Our main goal is to give each resident the best possible quality of life, no matter their skill level. For some, they enjoy living fully independent in their own apartment on our campus. For others, they require personalized care. As our residents progress to different levels of care, we love finding ways to make sure they are happy, engaged and fulfilled.

  1. Becoming a part of the family

We love when our residents bond to us and start to view us as one of their own children. We bond to them too! How lucky we are to get to work with so many “moms” and “dads” each day and to be that hug or ear to listen to them, when that’s really what they need. Also, the Middletown Home provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new folks as well as rekindle old friendships. Our campus truly is a close-knit neighborhood of family and friends.

  1. Discovering a whole new level of patience and compassion

Yes, our work takes quite a bit of patience and compassion. What we love is how working with our residents helps us to discover our full ability to be patient and compassionate with others. This flows over into all areas of our life, to our colleagues, community and family.

  1. Finding beauty and grace in growing old

Another things we love about working at the Middletown Home is that we get to see firsthand how growing old is beautiful and graceful in its own way. Sure, it’s not without challenges and setbacks, but overall aging is a privilege, because it means you’ve been granted a full life.

  1. Making relationships that stay with you for life

Finally, we love making relationships that we hold with us for a lifetime. It’s hard to lose a resident who you have bonded to, but their spirit remains a light and piece of energy that you can always feel in the Middletown Home!

What reason do you love the most? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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