6 Tips for Improving Senior Safety in Winter

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09 Jan 2017

6 Tips for Improving Senior Safety in Winter

The winter months bring the added challenge of cold weather, snow and ice. Especially for seniors, this can pose a dangerous threat to their health and well-being if proper precautions are not taken. If you or someone you know if at a higher risk for falls or ill-health during the winter months, take a look at these six tips for creating a safe environment this season!

Prepare for slippery conditions

Be sure you have non-slip winter shoes that provide you with warm and safety when walking on snow or ice. It’s also smart to check canes or walkers and replace worn rubber to ensure they have the best grip possible. Seniors may also consider using Pride Mobility Go Go Sport 3 Wheel Scooter to roam around their property without the fear of slipping and falling.

Add one more layer than you think you need

Even if you’re only making a quick trip to the grocery store, you should add one more layer to your clothing than what you think you may need. In case your car should breakdown or if there’s an accident, you won’t be left out in the cold for a long period of time without adequate clothing.

Have extra supplies in case of power outages

If your power should go out this winter, you should have enough supplies on hand to get you through until someone can come and offer help. Extra blankets, candles, flashlights and dry pantry items will keep you comfortable and safe.

Get smart about nutrition

During the winter months when we tend to spend the majority of time indoors, we can begin to lack key nutrients like Vitamin D. Talk with your doctor or dietician about what foods you should be eating to stay healthy and if you should add in any additional supplements during the winter.

Give your home and car a good check-up

Before cold weather strikes, ask a caregiver or loved one to assist you in giving your home and car a good check-up in preparation for the season. You can also look for cavity wall insulation installers near me to keep your home warm during the winter. Be sure your essential items are in working condition and weather-proof your windows and doors to prevent a draft or add a Secondary Window Glazing as this could be useful as well. You should also consider hiring an expert roofing contractor to check the condition of your roofing and install gutter guards. For your car, check your tires, oil and engine and make any repairs now before they lead to a bigger problem in the future.

Schedule social activities and visits to fight depression

Finally, and possibly most importantly, take steps to fight the winter blues before they set in. When you’re stuck indoors day after day, you can become bored and lonely. If living alone, reach out to your family or neighbors to schedule visits. If you’re in a retirement community, engage with other residents through social activities and hobbies. Push yourself to stay active during the winter months to keep your spirits high!

Do you have other questions regarding senior safety that we did not address in this article? Ask a question by leaving a comment below or contact us!


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