5 Ways You Can Make Someone in a Retirement Community Feel Special

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10 Apr 2017

5 Ways You Can Make Someone in a Retirement Community Feel Special

At times, it may feel difficult to think of new ways to make a loved one living in a retirement community feel special. Your visits may blend together and start to feel routine after a while. It’s important to continue to change things up so that each visit is a unique memory. Take a look at five ideas for making your loved one feel special!

Do more than visit – plan an activity!

It’s likely that your loved one has more than enough time in their day to sit and relax. When you visit them, it’s a nice change of pace to have an activity planned. Think of the hobbies they have enjoyed throughout their life and plan something that includes them. For example, you can plant flowers, play cards or board games, go for a walk or make a craft. Don’t forget to ask what they would enjoy doing, too!

Create a photo album of current pictures and stories of relatives

Your loved one may feel out of touch with the rest of their family who may not be able to visit all too often. Make them feel special by creating a photo album just for them that includes current pictures and stories of the family. Include milestones like births, graduations and weddings as well as everyday snippets like picnics and sporting events.

Run an errand or tackle an item on their to-do list

Show your loved one you care for them by lifting a burden off their shoulders. They may want someone to run to the store for a special item or make a quick repair to something around their house or room that has been bothering them. Ask how you can help and make their day a little brighter as a result!

Bring them a homemade treat

While retirement communities offer a wide variety of foods and treats on a regular basis, a special homemade item that your loved one is really craving would be a nice surprise. Is there a family recipe that could bring back fond memories? Whip up this special treat and surprise them at your next visit. Be sure to share the memories, too!

Commit to a regular visit they can continue to look forward to

In retirement, every day is pretty open-ended. Give your loved one the gift of excitement by committing to visit them on a regular basis. Maybe this is weekly, monthly or anywhere in between. Let them mark the dates on their calendar with a special sticker so they know they have something to look forward to again and again. This gives you something to look forward to as well!

Do you have another idea for how to make someone living in a retirement community feel special? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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