5 Special Things the Middletown Home Does for Christmas

5 Special Things the Middletown Home Does for Christmas
09 Dec 2016

5 Special Things the Middletown Home Does for Christmas

For many of our residents and staff, Christmas is the best time of year to be at the Middletown Home! From decorations and music, to sharing stories and exchanging small gifts, everyone really gets into the holiday spirit. To give you an idea of what makes Christmas so special at the Middletown home, here is a look at just a few of our favorite traditions.

We keep Christ at the center of our celebration

Most importantly, we believe Jesus is the reason for the season and reflect this in all of the ways in which we celebrate Christmas. From our decorations to our special activities, we make sure to focus on the birth of Christ as the meaning behind Christmas.

Our staff plays Secret Santa for our residents

Our loving and dedicated staff always go above and beyond to make Christmas a special time of year for each and every resident. We make sure everyone receives at least one present by hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange. Our caregivers, who know intimately what our residents like and need, personally pick out a meaningful present for their “secret” recipient. Presenting the gifts is always an emotional occasion because of how grateful the residents are to be remembered on Christmas. You can also visit timesticking.com if you need Tense watch repair services.

We spend extra special time with residents who may not see their family

More than just giving gifts, we also give of our time to each resident, especially those who do not get many – if any – visitors over the holidays. This may mean sharing a conversation over a cup of coffee, taking a walk around our campus or playing a game of cards. Our caregivers enjoy every opportunity to brighten our residents’ spirits at Christmastime.

We share Christmas dinner together

At the Middletown Home, we provide top-quality care 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so of course this means some of our staff and caregivers are also working on Christmas Day. We’ve come to embrace this occasion as such a special time to be at the Middletown Home. Many members of our team will share Christmas Dinner with our residents. It’s like one, big family coming together for the holidays!

We support the local food bank so more people can enjoy the Christmas holiday

This time of year it’s so important to think about those who are less fortunate and look for opportunities to give back. We continue to support local charities, like the food bank, by donating canned food items from our staff. We take a collection each year and it’s one of the highlights of our Christmas celebration to deliver these items to the food bank!

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? How do you make it feel like “home for the holidays” even if you can’t be with your entire family? Share your ideas by leaving a comment!


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