5 Reasons Why Every New Year is a Blessing

5 Reasons Why Every New Year is a Blessing
17 Dec 2018

It’s that time of year again – the time to turn our calendars, and our minds, toward a new year and a new chapter in our lives. For some, this can be a challenging time of year as we grow, age and change. It’s inevitable, but for the most part it’s also a very positive thing!

Growing older is a blessing and a privilege if you view it through the right lens. Sure, there are physical, mental and emotional challenges that may accompany the aging process, but instead of focusing on this, we urge you to focus on the reasons why every year in our life, especially the start of a new year, should be seen as a gift. Take a look!

  1. It’s the closing of a chapter.

Think of your life as the best story that’s ever been told. Each chapter is unique, exciting and filled with warm thoughts – some more than others, but it takes them all told together to really convey your story. As you approach the closing of this year’s chapter in your life, reflect on the highlights. What lesson did life try to teach you over the past 12 months? The start of a new year is a great time for reflection on the past so you can move forward with wisdom and confidence.

  1. It’s a new start.

With a chapter closing, a new one beings. This New Year presents a new chapter in your life and one that stands to be your best yet. It holds the potential for beautiful memories, new friends, and yes, even more wisdom. It’s so important to take a moment to be grateful for this new chapter, not only for the possibilities but for the privilege of every new day we receive.

  1. It’s an honor and a milestone.

The start of a new year may have us feeling old. We do the math as to what age we’ll turn this year and maybe worry that we’ll lose some of our abilities and independence. But this would be focusing on the negative! Instead we should jump into the New Year with excitement that we have the honor of achieving the milestone of being here to see it turn 2019. No matter your age or state in life, every day is a blessing.

  1. It’s full of potential.

We talked about how the New Year offers a new start and with that comes endless potential. It shouldn’t take a change in the date to make us feel inspired to start something new, but often it does. Take advantage of the excitement and momentum of the New Year and challenge yourself with at least one goal to improve your quality of life. No matter how small, the change you make today will impact all the days after. It’s never too late to start something new.

  1. It’s not given to everyone.

Sometimes in order to feel truly grateful we must consider what we have that others do not. Many, many people lose loved ones every year – every day even. So with the start of each New Year, stop to show gratitude for the gift you’ve been given that is not given to everyone. Then, live passionately to make the most of every gift, and every new day!

We hope this blog post inspires you to see the blessing with each and every New Year. From everyone at the Middletown Home, we wish you a happy, healthy and blessed 2019!


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