5 Common Myths About Living in a Retirement Community

5 Common Myths About Living in a Retirement Community
05 Apr 2017

5 Common Myths About Living in a Retirement Community

Many people who contemplate the decision of moving into a retirement community have reservations and uncertainties about how this change will impact life as they know it. Unfortunately, many of these hesitations are founded on myths that simply aren’t true. There is no doubt that moving from your home into a retirement community will change your life, but don’t discount the possibility that this change is likely to be a positive one!

Take a look at these five common myths about living in a retirement community or companion care – and the truth behind them!

MYTH: I will lose all my independence.

TRUTH: This is one of the biggest myths many people believe, and it’s simply not logical. In reality, moving into a retirement community affords residents more independence. They are able to select the level of care versus independence they desire, starting with living in a private apartment that has all the comforts of home – because it is home! If it any time, more care is required, it’s a seamless transition into a different facility. The around the clock staff on site offers complete peace of mind, even if you don’t need them.

MYTH: Retirement communities are only for people who are sick and dying.

TRUTH: As referenced above with the independent living, retirement communities like The Gardens of Sun City community are very much for the lively and active person. In fact, retirement communities provide close and convenient activities to meet a wide variety of interests and skill levels. It’s far more convenient to stay active than when living on your own.

MYTH: Care at home is very affordable

TRUTH: Many people believe that growing old in your current home will add no additional costs that what you’ve always been paying. Whether it’s sooner or later, you will eventually need additional help to take care of the house and yourself. While you may be able to rely on family to a degree, do you really want to add this responsibility to their existing workload? When you start adding everything up, a retirement community is sometimes a cost-savings in the long-run!

MYTH: Retirement communities are only for single people living on their own.

TRUTH: At an assisted living community like Ocean Hills assisted living community, many couples come and live together. They are able to enjoy a virtually stress-free retirement with many activities and new friends. Moving to a retirement community by no means waiting until your spouse passes. You can make the transition together and ensure the greatest quality of life for you both. If you’re looking for a community like that, then check out this senior living community or visit sites like www.pioneerplacememoryhaven.com/.

MYTH: I’ll keep a better relationship with my family by living at home.

TRUTH: It’s another common myth that moving into a retirement community like Riverview assisted living community means you won’t see your children or extended family as often. By selecting an exceptional assisted living community like Orchard Park of Victory Lakes assisted living that is close to your loved ones, you can increase the time you spend together. Best of all, this will be quality time and not just someone stopping by to take care of chores. We handle that for you so you can enjoy what matters most!

Are you aware of other myths related to living in a retirement community? Share the myth, and the truth behind it, by leaving a comment below.


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