4 Things That Make Our Caregivers Unique

4 Things That Make Our Caregivers Unique
14 Dec 2016

4 Things That Make Our Caregivers Unique

We talk a lot about what makes our caregivers unique, and that’s because there is a lot to say! Their ability to care for our residents and create an atmosphere of love and compassion is a blessing to us all. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team of servant leaders and we’d like to tell you just a little but more about what makes our staff so different from what you’d experience anywhere else.

Their work is a vocation, not just a job

If you speak with any one of our caregivers, or even just observe their work for a while, you will see that they view their role here at the Middletown Home as much more than just a job. This is a vocation that at times requires a lot of patience, but it also offers the reward of deep and meaningful relationships with people who have so much wisdom and life to share.

They exemplify servant leadership

Our caregivers are the definition of servant leaders. They have been called to help others who often require intensive care and attention, but they do so in such a way that they see their responsibilities as a joy and a way in which they can bless our residents.

Our unique mentoring programming provides caregivers with extensive training and assistance

You may be wondering about our process for carefully selecting only the best caregivers that fit our mission and vision. One of the key pieces is our mentoring program that provides caregivers with extensive training and assistance. They are never made to feel like they have to figure something out on their own. Our caregivers work together as a team to offer each other assistance and advice whenever it is needed!

The long tenure of our staff demonstrates a high level of engagement and commitment

Finally and most importantly, you can see just how unique the caregivers at the Middletown Home are by the number of years they have served our residents. We pride ourselves on not having a high turnover rate. Not only is this costly, but it can disrupt our residents and make it hard for them to bond with their caregiver. We are extremely careful about who we hire, but once they are part of the family at the Middletown Home, we do all that we can to engage them, offer opportunities to learn and place them in a role that allows their talents to shine.

Do you have question for one of our caregivers? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we will be sure to get you an answer!


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