3 Reasons Why Our Residents Enjoy Spring at the Middletown Home

Tulips in spring
07 Mar 2017

3 Reasons Why Our Residents Enjoy Spring at the Middletown Home

If you haven’t caught on yet, pretty much every season at the Middletown Home is our favorite season, for different reasons. Spring is no exception. This warm and cheery season breathes fresh air and new energy into all of us here on the Middletown Home’s campus! We start to open more windows, sit on our many porches in the afternoons and find time to take a walk around the property to search for signs of nature. Since we are just days away from the official start of this new season, let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why residents (and caregivers, too!) love spring at the Middletown Home.

Signs of Nature

Our residents and caregivers work together to make sure our campus is lined with beautiful flowers, shrubs, greeneries and other landscaping year-round. In spring we are really able to appreciate the fruit of their labors as tulips pop up from the ground and display their vibrant colors. They’ve been patiently waiting there all winter long for this very moment. Our residents also comment on their delight to hear the sounds of nature such as birds singing from the trees outside their bedroom windows. When the sun is shining and birds are singing, you just know it’s going to be a good day!

Relaxing Time Spent Outdoors

When the warm sun is calling, our residents are sure to answer. Caregivers assist residents outside so they can enjoy fresh air and sunlight from one of our many porches. We also have various activities, like gardening clubs, which are eager to get outside and get their hands into some dirt. Each of our residents enjoy spring in their own unique way, and we encourage it!

A Fresh Burst of Energy

There’s something about spring that puts a fresh burst of energy into all of us. Some residents more than others, but overall we can say with certainty that the community of friends at the Middletown Home come alive with the new season. There just seems to be more chatter and laughter, more hugs and handshakes. People who see each other every day, now see each other in a new, re-energized light. It’s a wonderful time of year here at the Middletown Home!

What are some of your favorite parts of the spring season? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!


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