12 Christmas Activities to Enjoy with an Aging Loved One

12 Christmas Activities to Enjoy with an Aging Loved One
15 Dec 2017

Christmas at the Middletown Home is a season filled with joy and celebration. We love decorating our campus and making our residents feel “home for the holidays.” Whether you or a loved one are here with us this Christmas, or whether you are simply looking for ideas for how you can enjoy some holiday activities with an aging loved one at home, let’s take a look at few ways you can spread holiday cheer at any age!

  1. Sing Christmas Carols – In addition creating a new memory, singing also helps us relive our old memories.
  2. Hand-Make Christmas Cards – Assist your loved one in creating festive Christmas cards to share with family and friends. It’s the love that counts!
  3. Watch Some Classic Holiday Movies – This is an activity for all ages and abilities! Enjoy the classic holiday movies through the eyes of your loved one.
  4. Hand-Make Christmas Ornaments – Help a loved one sew, cut and paste together some creative Christmas ornaments to give as gifts or to decorate their room.
  5. Decorate a Table Top Tree – A table top tree is the perfect height for any ability to help decorate. Use the hand-made ornaments to make it extra special! You can look here for a great post to read on how to make your gift better with woodwork.
  6. Share a Special Treat – The Middletown Home’s café is the perfect spot to enjoy a holiday themed treat, like some peppermint ice cream or hot cocoa. Invite your loved one for a date!
  7. Skype with Family & Friends – Even if you can’t bring all of your family together for the holidays, technology, like Face Time or Skype can make you feel a bit closer.
  8. Do Some Online Shopping – If your loved one has limited ability to get out to the stores, you can help them purchase a few gifts through online shopping.
  9. Write a Christmas Poem – Work together to write a new Christmas poem. Make it a spin on an old classic, or something new altogether.
  10. Wear a Fun and Festive Christmas Outfit – Visit your loved one wearing all red and green or in a festive Christmas sweater. Help them select a fun outfit as well and take your picture together!
  11. Create Paper Snowflakes – Make them simple or dare to get complex! Work together to make enough paper snowflakes to decorate their bedroom window.
  12. Write a Note to Someone You Love – Help your loved one write a note to a friend or family member they haven’t seen in a while. Share stories and Christmas wishes to warm their heart.

Which activity is your favorite? Which ones do you plan to try this Christmas season? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.


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